Is your website visible?

Visible is a tool-chain that helps developers to build websites in the perspective of accessibility


Less pain, more accessible

Visible is not just a linter, we also provide information on how to make your website accessible. We indicate which part you need to fix, give you patches of codes, give you references to the standards — to help you to learn and improve the accessibility of your website.



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Unlike other tools, Visible also provides patches to fix the a11y issues so you don’t need to search for information of the error and helps you to focus more on coding

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Learn about A11y

Visible always inform you which exact codes are violating rules which means you can learn more about accessibility as you code

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Visible is also available on command-line, so you can use it on continuous integrations services and monitor the website is fine.

Who created Visible?

Visible is developed by a high schooler Ryō Igarashi in open source for groping and enhancing the possibility of Web and assistive technology since December 2019. As of May 2020, Visible was accepted by Mitou Foundation as a project of Mitou Junior and is receiving technical/financial supports.

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